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Humane Outreach for Latin Animals

Humane Outreach for Latin Animals (HOLA) was born from a desire to do good for animals in need in Latin countries, where resources are limited. Our focus is on accessible, low-cost spay and neuter services for stray and owned animals. 

One Paw at a time

What We Do

Spay & Neuter

The implementation of sustainable spay and neuter programs is the most effective method of addressing pet overpopulation. HOLA seeks communities in Latin America where the need is the greatest to work with local veterinarians to execute effective spay/neuter campaigns.


Many shelters and rescues we’ve encountered are overrun, underfunded and struggling to find resources for even the basic necessities of care such as food and adequate shelter. At the end of each campaign, we will donate funds to a shelter in need and when possible, select a dogs who will be suitable for rehoming in Canada.

2022 campaign

malambo, colombia

This September, HOLA volunteers travelled to Malambo, Colombia for our third-annual spay/neuter campaign. 345 Cats and dogs were spayed/neutered over three days and many community connections were made for future impact. Stay tuned for an announcement on the 2023 campaign location!

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