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Looking for spay/neuter assistance in Latin America? Want to help us fundraise here in North America? We’re here. And we’re happy to collaborate with animal lovers around the world.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why focus on animals in Latin America?

That is an excellent question. One of HOLA’s co-founders, Natalia, was born and raised in Colombia. She grew up realizing the needs of the many free-roaming dogs and cats in her country, especially in low income areas, small towns or remote communities.

Unlike North America, pets are not always seen as loved family members is most Latin countries. Some communities have limited or no access to veterinary services for their animals.

On average, a dog or cat can be sterilized for approx CAD $30. Our dollars go a long way down there.

In December 2018 our co-founders were able to purchase a total of 150 kg (330 lbs) of dog food for only CAD $150.

We invite you to consider these facts next time you purchase something worth $30. You could be helping save HUNDREDS of animal lives by sponsoring a sterilization surgery.

Are you only focusing on spay/neuter surgeries?

To start, yes. We know that spaying and neutering is the most humane and most efficient way to reducing pet overpopulation issues. More than that, sterilizing animals increases their lifespan, reduces changes of fighting, and reduces chances of cancer or other diseases.

We are aware of the big need for humane education programs and “one health” initiatives in Latin America,  to educate communities on responsible pet ownership and basic pet care.

We hope to eventually expand our scope of work by partnering with human health and environmental organizations to bring alive this concept.

How can I help?

We are extremely appreciative of the amount of support we’ve received from friends and family since we announced the creation of “HOLA”.

Right now we need help raising funds for our pilot project (Cartagena, Colombia, November 2019) as we have a hefty fundraising goal of $12,000 CAD.

You can help us by sponsoring a surgery for $25, by donating an item, gift certificate or voucher for a silent auction or raffle, by spreading the word to help us reach more people, by connecting us with potential sponsors, by fundraising on our behalf…. the sky’s the limit really! If you have a particular idea on how you’d like to help, please reach out to us at

Can I volunteer at an HOLA project?

These “spaycations” as we like to call them, are rewarding, sometimes life-changing experiences, that open up your eyes and perspective to a reality that most prefer to ignore.

We’ve already filled out all volunteer spots for our pilot project in Colombia, but please do keep in touch with us if you’re interested in helping out at future campaigns.

If you’re a vet tech, a vet assistant, or simply a concerned, caring, animal lover who wants to make a difference, then you may be eligible to travel with HOLA to a future campaign in Latin America. Please connect with us on Facebook and Instagram

Can I make a donation?

We have a Gofundme page set up and we will soon be accepting donations through Paypal. If you’re in Canada and would like to make a donation via e-transfer, you can do so by sending it to the e-mail


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