During our first spay/neuter campaign in December 2018, we intended to visit Pedulitos Con Futuro, a shelter in Sibaté, Colombia to give a donation of cash, food and cat litter for the 400+ animals in their care.

It was there that we met Osa (Translation: female bear), a 10-year-old Chow mix who had been there for nearly a year. She was once the companion of a homeless man with her brother, Mateo, both of whom were killed in the streets of Bogotá. Osa would not leave her owner’s body, and could only be removed after the founder of Pedulitos was called in for assistance.

We met hundreds of animals that day at Pedulitos, all who deserved a second chance. It was not our intention to rescue and rehome animals, as our campaign focus was spay/neuter.

But then we met Osa.

In an outdoor shelter full of barking, jumping, excited dogs, Osa hung back from the crowd; withdrawn, quiet, with her ears down. She watched as we entered her pen, but did not run to us like the others. As we learned her story, we tried to earn her trust with treats and affection. Our hearts broke for her as we realized the chances of her finding a home in Colombia were so slim.

As we sat in a grass field that served as a home for this quiet, lonely dog, we conceived a plan to give Osa a better life. We asked shelter staff about Osa’s history, health and behaviours. She needed vaccinations, dental extractions, flea treatments, and more.

In the meantime, Osa slowly decided that we might be okay, and allowed us to pet her and be near her. Our minds were made up that we had to give it a shot.

Within a day, arrangements had been made and funds had been raised to get Osa home to Canada. Pedulitos Con Futuro made arrangements for her transportation from Sibaté to Bogotá at the end of January. Natalia took her to the vet for her dental and medical work, as well as the documentation required to get her across countries. After two long plane rides together, Natalia and Osa arrived back in Canada January 23rd, 2019 where Osa would be fostered at Melissa’s house until a suitable adopter could be found.

On February 26th, it was official. Osa was happy and thriving in a forever home that was thrilled to welcome our senior girl.

Osa is our muse. Osa was the reason we decided to launch HOLA, so that more unwanted, homeless animals may receive a second chance at life. We look forward to many more opportunities to meet dogs like her and finding them loving, forever homes. Thank you, Osa.



Osa has settled in to life in the Great White North and now lives with her brother Bane in a beautiful country home. She doesn’t love the snow, she has to learn pet store manners, but otherwise is living out her golden years in style.

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